"yes hello I am an extremely dangerous creature of lightning and- OHMYGODSOMETHINGSHINY"




Amos: *sighs and goes out to the woods to choose a tree for cutting down and mauling purposes*

she’s probably just going to blast it to smithereens with lightning and then go back to her knitting

old lioness yells at cloud

rico what have you done do you not remember the last time a lion was yelling at a cloud

you gotta wonder how much time Anita spends just yelling angrily at the sky

it has to be a lot, really.

omg anita no

Anita: I’m talking to you you little [Carmen hugs her entire face and muffles her words]

no no wait oh my god i just found this

I can’t believe how hard I tried to resist Carmita and now it’s just like [opens an AU fic with them panting and staring at each other]

STARSHIPS WERE MEANT TO FLYYYYYY [aka firefly au part one]

"Jasper, go!" growled Anita through gritted teeth, lent into the side of the cargo bay as the door clanged shut. She heard the engines rev up and slid the mic back onto it’s slot. Next to her, Carmen lent against the wall with a grunt, her dark hair falling around her shoulders and into her vividly present eyes. As her heart rate slowed, Anita became aware of both of their breathing- heavily, since they’d sprinted to the ship. There was a scratch on Carmen’s cheek, just below one of her eyes.

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pirate girlfriends, obviously



anita’s mid life crisis is taking an interesting direction

hahah yes the selfception is strong